The following rules & regulations have been laid down to ensure the smooth functioning and    maintenance of the General Administration Rest House at Pughoboto HQ. Guests are requested to strictly comply with it w.e.f.the date of issue of this office order.

  1. Allotment of rooms shall be made to Government officials only. Others may be allotted rooms but at the discretion of the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Pughoboto.
  2. Rooms shall be allotted by the officer in-charge (of the GA Rest House) depending on the vacancy of rooms. However, preference will be given to those who make advance reservation and this should be confirmed one day before their arrival. Cancellation of room reservations, if any, should be informed to the caretaker or the officer in charge in advance.
  3. Room no.1 is reserved exclusively for the senior government officials and high dignitaries.
  4. Meetings/gatherings in the circuit house is strictly prohibited except in special cases with due permission from the Addl. Deputy Commissioner. A permit rate of Rs.1500/-(one thousand five hundred only) will be charged for meetings and gathering that are accompanied with tea/feast, etc.
  5. Gambling and drinking of alcohol, creating disturbances, chaos and unhealthy atmosphere in the Rest House and its premises is strictly prohibited.
  6. Any damage to the Rest House property shall be borne by the concerned person and necessary payment shall be made before leaving the Rest House.
  7. Food & tea shall be provided only after placing order and necessary payment is made. Guests/occupants who wish to have their own menu should do the necessary arrangement in advance and inform caretaker/cook. No credit shall be entertained.
  8. Guests may stay for a maximum of 5(five) days only. Guests who wish to continue their stay beyond 5(five) days should take the permission of the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Pughoboto.
  9. Guests and their visitors are kindly requested not to litter the Rest house premises and also maintain decorum & co-operate with the staff and managing authority of the Rest House so as to serve you better. Complaints, if any, should be reported to the officer in charge (GA Rest House).
  10.  Food timings: Breakfast/Lunch- 8am-10am.  Dinner- 6:30 Pm-8Pm
  11. Tariff rates are applicable as follows:
 Room No.1 Rs.800/-
Room No.2 Rs.500/-
Room No.3 Rs.400/-
Dormitory Rs.100/-per bed



Smt. Kiqheli